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9N PTO Seal

Click here     If your 9N/2N is leaking fluid from your PTO bearing housing, there's a good chance your PTO bearing seal needs replacing. If your transmission, hydraulic, differential fluid isn't in need of replacing, follow these step for replacing the PTO seal. This PTO assembly was used on the 9N/2N tractors from 1939 to 1943.

  • If you're not planning to drain the transmission/hydraulic/differential fluid, park the nose of your tractor in a ditch or back the rear tires up on some ramps. You won't lose any fluid this way when removing the PTO shaft assembly.

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  • Remove the 4 cap screws holding the bearing retainer to the center housing. Remove the PTO shaft assembly from the tractor.

  • Remove the cotter key and pull the pin out. This will allow all the guts to slide off of the shaft.

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  • Inside you'll find a seal that looks like this:

A local New Holland dealer will have or order the seal you need for about $18. At this point you can determine if you need a new bearing. If not reassemble in reverse order and your done. Put a new paper gasket on when reinstalling the PTO bearing retainer to the center axle housing.

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