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Main Super A ImageAs a youngster, I always enjoyed driving my grandfather's Farmall "A".   As the "A" grew old, it suffered major damage and could not be fixed. After sitting outside for years and rusting away, my granddad sold it. As least 20 years have gone by since the "A" left the farm and I always dreamed of having another one some day. 

In 1999, I began a mission to acquire another "A" to have on the farm. I also wanted this tractor to be a present to my Dad. He too drove the "A" as a kid and also missed having it around the farm. Dad's always been there for me and I wanted to find a special gift to make him proud of me.

I searched everywhere for a tractor to replace the "A". I looked in newspapers, on the Internet, and even had a friend in Weedsport, New York take a look at a few Farmall "A" tractors that were for sale located near him. I kept hitting dead ends. I'm a picky person, and each time I got a lead on an "A", I ended up turning around and walking away. I kept thinking the next one would be the one I wanted. It took numerous attempts and disappointments before coming across an ad in the local paper.  There was a Farmall Super A that was up for auction about 15 miles from where I live. Once again I got excited and thought this may be the one. So, I called the auction company and arranged a viewing of the "Super A" about a week before it was to be auctioned off. Here are some of the pictures I took about 5 days before the auction:

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Super A left front side Super A right front side Super A front Super A rear
Super A right rear side Super A left side Super A left side instrument panel Super A right side instrument panel

The auction was scheduled for Saturday, October 28th, 2000. It was a cold, cloudy, and windy day. My daughter, brother, and I arrived early in the morning in anticipation for the bidding on the Super A. I had a maximum price in mind and was hoping to be the lucky one to get this tractor. I didn't get much sleep in the few days leading up the day of the sale. I guess the excitement to me was overwhelming. Thank gosh this day had arrived.

There were many items to be auctioned and I had to wait several hours to have my turn at the "Super A" tractor. The auctioneer finally made his way to the "Super A" and I was sweating bullets. To make a long story short, I was the high bidder on the "Super A". I paid for it, drove it to my trailer, loaded it, and took it to my house. I was indeed the proud owner of a 1950 Farmall Super A. Wow, my dream was coming true!!

The "Super A" was kept on a trailer in my townhouse development for six weeks. I had to patiently wait for Christmas to give this tractor to my Dad. In the meantime, I began a mini-restoration. The tractor was already in good shape and had a fresh paint job. I performed the following tasks:

  • Changed all fluids
  • Installed correct decals
  • Rewired entire tractor
  • Rebuilt carburetor
  • Added battery box
  • Replaced sediment bowl gasket and screen
  • Added missing bell housing dust cover
  • Replaced seat with the correct seat and toolbox

I also performed many adjustments and minor stuff. I had a great time tinkering with this tractor. Here are some of the tinkering pictures:

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Axle housing pan Different decals Super A right side Carburetor pics
Super A generator Super A battery box Super A battery box Super A bellhousing dust cover
Super A seat Super A rear seat Super A steering wheel Steering wheel spinner
Super A right rear side Super A left rear side Super A left front side Super A right front side


Covered tractor
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After completing my tasks, it was time for the gift giving to my Dad. We met on December 16th, a week before Christmas, at my house. Dad had a holiday trip to Florida planned for the Christmas weekend, so we had to get together early to exchange Christmas gifts. I carefully hid the tractor from him just before he arrived at my house on that rainy Saturday.  I had him park in the parking space in front of my house. He didn't even look over to see where my truck was. The tractor was partially hidden behind my truck. You could barely see the covered "Super A"  from the front door of my house.

Dad's new Super A
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We all sat down the living room of my house and started the exchanging of gifts. When it was my turn to give Dad his gift, I told him to sit tight and I'd be right back. I than ran out the front door, uncovered the tractor, and brought it down to the front of my townhouse. I ran back inside an handed him a give. I had wrapped up a manual to the mower deck that was on the tractor. When he unwrapped his gift, he was confused. I then told him I purchased a mower at an auction a couple of  months ago and thought we could use it for the farm. I told him I had it out front because it was too big to bring in the house. I told him he'd have to go out to the front of the house to take a look. As he opened the front door, the "Super A" was staring at him right in front of his face. I told him that by the way, the tractor comes with the mower.  :-)  He was speechless, surprised, and overwhelmed at the same time. I remembered him telling me I spent too much for this. I told him I couldn't take it back where I got it.  :-)  He was proud on that rainy Saturday. The "Super A" had brightened both of our days. 

Dad on Super A
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The following Saturday I delivered the "Super A" to the farm which is roughly a 2 1/2 hour trip. Dad had gone to the farm a couple of days before to clean out a shed to house the "Super A". Dad was waiting in anticipation as I pulled into the garage area, which is located across the street from my Grandmother's house. Her house is located on the corner edge of the "Neff " farm. Dad was really excited to see me and his new tractor. It was a cool 6 degrees that morning as I unhooked the tractor from the trailer. The "Super A" fired up without hesitation. I backed it off the trailer and told my Dad to get on and take it to the shed to be housed for the winter. He mounted his new tractor and drove off. I followed him with my truck and trailer. He was proud that day as he drove his tractor. He told me it brought back so many good memories he had when he was a youngster driving the "Farmall A". He's proud of me and I'm proud of him. I was glad to do this for my Dad. We'll both get use out of the "Super A" as well as producing some more good memories for the both of us. 

I want to thank all my internet friends at the Farmall Bulletin Board for their help. Special thanks to my good friend, Dave Grant, for all his help and patience. It was all of you that helped fulfill my dream.


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